Millie Bobby Brown is brewing something new with the launch of florence by mills coffee.

Millie Bobby Brown is brewing something new with the launch of florence by mills coffee.

Welcome to florence by mills coffee.

If there’s one to watch in 2023, it’s certainly Millie Bobby Brown. As if bringing the infamous Eleven in global phenomenon Stranger Things to life and starring in the action-packed Enola Holmes movie franchise weren’t enough, her personal brand florence by mills has also grown to become a household name. Now, beyond its flagship range of clean beauty products, comes florence by mills coffee -- a powerful entry into the beverage world, facilitated by Millie’s global licensing partner IMG, in partnership with long-term licensed partner Collab Coffee. On launch, fans and coffee lovers can look forward to two curated signature coffee blends, delicious cold-brew concentrate coffee and a selection of Millie’s favourite syrups, all accompanied by a range of beautifully designed accessories - with more to follow.

Over the last few years, Millie and IMG have shaped florence by mills into a leading Gen Z brand, curating thoughtful partnerships that reflect Millie’s fun and bold personality, while staying true to her values and passions. Apart from the brand’s sought-after beauty line, florence by mills has also launched a clothing line and a pet apparel and accessories line in the last year.

florence by mills coffee is officially launching on May 18, 2023, in The United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe. European countries at the time of launch include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain.

About florence by mills coffee:

The huge appeal of florence by mills coffee is the versatility - the products included at launch cater to all coffee tastes. For coffee beginners, to those who are always on-the-go, the coffee concentrate and brew-bags offer a consumer-friendly route without the need for a coffee machine. Certified coffee lovers who enjoy the ritual of the perfect brew will appreciate the whole bean and ground options. Both are full bodied and can serve to all coffee brewing methods, the origins and flavour profiles are as follows:

Authentically Brew:

  • Brazil, Colombia, Central & South America
  • Medium roast
  • Cocoa, Roasted nuts as well as soft spices

Mindful Moments:

  • Brazil & Guatemala
  • Medium/Dark roast
  • Bittersweet Chocolate, Treacle & Hazelnut

The blend names are a playful take on how florence by mills coffee should be consumed. Millie’s personal brand is all about self-love and expression, so she invites coffee fans to be “Authentically Brew”, promoting how coffee isn’t just a beverage rather it’s an integral part of our lifestyle.

Millie sees coffee as a gateway to be present and a source of comfort especially during those long days on set where she’s playing an intense role, coffee allows her a moment of clarity, grounding, inner peace and of course a boost of energy.

With these blend names in mind, florence by mills coffee is creating something much more than caffeinated drinks. One of the main brand objectives is to enable consumers to find time for those coffee moments, which can allow drinkers to reset and recharge before taking on the rest of the day.

Millie has ensured that her products are convenient for first time and regular coffee drinkers alike. The coffee concentrate is a product that doesn’t require extensive equipment to make a good quality brew and is convenient in both time and cost. Being suitable for hot or iced drinks, black or with milk, preferences can be met by simply adjusting the amount of concentrate to taste. One concentrate bottle offers 16-20 servings, which ultimately costs far less per cup than a purchase from a coffee shop. This way consumers can create custom drinks at home and on-the-go.

For those who enjoy their custom-made brew on the sweeter side, florence by mills coffee is also launching with a selection of six delicious syrups. The range consists of: Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut under the “Barista Collection”, and “Millie’s Favourites” Honeycomb, Crème Brûlée and English Toffee. These syrups were sampled and chosen by Millie herself to add that personal touch to her brand. This way, fans get the opportunity to feel closer to her through a mutual love of coffee.

These coffees can all be enjoyed in the florence by mills Glass Tumbler. A sheer glass finish with distinctive florence branding, complete with a bamboo lid and glass straw, making it the perfect reusable tumbler to showcase any custom brews fans choose to create. This will be the first to debut due to the timelessness, but fans should stay tuned for what else is yet to come.

Why a FBM Coffee Subscription is Worth It:

The florence by mills coffee subscription service offers several perks for full-time coffee lovers. The repeated delivery ensures fresh coffee delivered straight to the customer’s door on a day of their choice. On top of this, customers will also receive a 10% discount on all items included within the subscription, which in turn can result in great savings.

The process for this is easy, visitors simply sign up to the subscription service on the florence by mills coffee website ( and choose their desired products and quantities, then relax while everything is prepared and delivered.

Subscriptions are flexible, and can be swapped, paused or amended at any time, so there’s no pressure, but plenty of options to trial and change.

Sustainability Journey:

Millie has always been passionate about sustainability, which is why florence by mills coffee follows a sustainable and traceable path and has followed fully eco-aware procedures.

Authentically Brew and Mindful Moments showcase two full-bodied blends, which are Rainforest Alliance certified (RFA). To earn this certification, the farms, forest communities and involved businesses have been audited against sustainability standards based on environmental, economic, and social well-being. The RFA’s mission is “to create a more sustainable world by using social and market forces to protect nature and improve the lives of farmers and forest communities.”

Additionally, florence by mills coffee is in partnership with Farmer Connect. A blockchain solution providing end-to-end traceability across complex food and agriculture supply chains. Enabling farm-to-shelf traceability through digitalisation, trust, and sustainability as the most relevant trends in the coffee sector. 

On top of this, florence by mills coffee packaging is fully recyclable. This includes, the Nespresso Pods (only available in UK and Europe), Tetra Packs, and overall outer packaging.

The Website & App:

To maintain their identities, florence by mills coffee will use a different website than florence by mills (clean beauty). This website will embrace the distinctive brand traits, such as the iconic purple but will build a personality of its own. This includes an interactive user journey, optimisation for mobile devices and fresh quality content.

florence by mills coffee will also launch an app later in 2023. This will make it even easier for consumers to browse products, manage their subscriptions and keep updated on all the latest florence by mills coffee news.

Building a Coffee Community:

florence by mills coffee is creating a community full of coffee lovers to share, inspire, motivate, teach, and spread kindness to one another. Coffee is a personal thing that looks different to everyone, which is why florence by mills coffee has catered to every preference. The community is about making coffee fun, refreshing, vibrant, tasty, and personal. Ultimately, a brand that really embodies coffee for what it is – a lifestyle.

A Note from Millie:

“I've been passionate about coffee ever since I can remember. It's always been that pick-me-up to get me through those long days on set, it’s that moment away from all the chaos that allows me to be present again. I set out to create a brand that will allow my fans and all coffee lovers to do the same, a brand that isn’t just about great tasting coffee, but about those special moments, too. I'm delighted to finally share florence by mills coffee with you, and I hope you love it just as much as I do.” 

From Collab CEO, Danny Wright:

“We are delighted to partner with Millie and florence by mills to create what we believe soon to be one of the leading brands in the coffee industry. Collab Coffee’s mission is to modernise how all consumers drink coffee, so with this new partnership, we are excited to get creative with coffee, and make florence by mills coffee a leader in the Gen-Z food and drink space. Working with Millie, her team and IMG has been a pleasure over the pre-launch phase, and we are looking forward to seeing the brand grow over the coming years.” 

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