Brewing Success: Redefining coffee culture for a Gen Z audience

Brewing Success: Redefining coffee culture for a Gen Z audience

NYC: The Perfect Stage for an International Brand Launch

In a seemingly saturated coffee marketplace it is clear that the success of Florence by Mills Coffee demonstrates that there is still room for new brands that are crafted authentically. In Florence by Mills Coffee, Millie is carving out a niche by building a credible coffee brand that resonates with Gen Z and their need for self-expression, and in doing so she is transcending the conventional coffee experience.

Florence by Mills Coffee takes over New York City

Redefining Coffee Culture: From Brew to Brand Experience

“Florence by Mills isn't just about selling coffee; it's about building a community and curating new experiences for an audience who crave more than their next caffeine fix,” explains Rob Cursons, Head of Marketing at Collab Coffee. “We recognise that the Florence by Mills Coffee target demographic are looking for authentic connections above anything else.”

The hard launch of Millie’s international coffee brand in NYC with an immersive multi-sensory coffee pop-up, The Florence by Mills Coffee Experience, is a strategic move to align with the shifting preferences of Gen Z. The pop-up will provide her audience with a tangible and shareable encounter that goes beyond the transient nature of a cup of coffee.

Building a Community: From Pop-Up to Permanence

The Florence by Mills Coffee Experience allows Millie to engage with fans on an emotional level, outside of the usual digital marketing channels, beyond our standard white label coffee service, helping her audience to connect with her brand on a whole new level. Visitors to the pop-up will not only get to enjoy the experience, they will be able to gain knowledge of her coffee, helping them make informed decisions at the event and through the digital shop and coffee subscription service.

The event is designed to foster a real sense of belonging amongst her community helping her audience to connect with her coffee and her brand. This careful nurturing of brand loyalty will help to ensure the brand’s permanence in a crowded marketplace.

Florence by Mills Coffee coming to New York City

Spotted in NYC: A New Icon

It isn't an accident that New York City, a global hub and the epitome of a bustling coffee culture, serves as the strategic launchpad for Florence by Mills Coffee.


Collab Coffee worked with creative production studio, The Berry, to produce a viral VFX film featuring giant Quick Serve Coffee Concentrate cartons sitting amongst the skyscrapers in New York.

Luke Robson, Executive Creative Director at The Berry, said: “We loved working with Collab Coffee to create visual content for the launch of the Florence by Mills Coffee Experience in New York. It isn't just a visual spectacle; it's a clever move to associate the brand and the event with the energy and vibrancy of the Big Apple. The concentrate carton becomes a new icon in the city that never sleeps!”

By strategically placing these giant coffee concentrate cartons amongst the skyscrapers of New York, Florence by Mills Coffee will become an integral part of the city's narrative, elevating it beyond a mere product to a symbol of cultural resonance.

Spotting Florence by Mills Coffee in the city becomes a shared experience, translating into organic brand advocacy within the community. The VFX film serves not only as marketing collateral, but as a symbolic association with the brand's permanence and relevance. Florence by Mills Coffee becomes more than just a beverage, it becomes a conscious lifestyle choice.

Beyond coffee: Crafting an Enduring Brand Legacy

Curating an enduring legacy means building an authentic brand that extends beyond coffee. Florence by Mills Coffee isn't just a caffeine fix; it's a way of life.

By Danny Wright, Founder and CEO of Collab Coffee

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