Flight Fuel


Flight Fuel’s name is inspired by Chris Olsen’s celebrated “Flying for Coffee” series. What first began with a video of Chris flying across the country to bring coffee to a friend quickly grew into a viral phenomenon with over 140+ million views of the series on TikTok alone. 

Chris has since delivered coffee to the likes of Vice President Kamala Harris, Austin Butler, Drew Barrymore, Meghan Trainor, Sabrina Carpenter, Noah Centineo, Ashley Tisdale and many more.


The Collaboration

Chris wanted to be highly involved with the creation of this brand, which we love. From the start to even now, much of the brand's progression is focused around the fun-loving and comedic personality of Chris Olsen.

The brand was created to work perfectly in parallel to Chris' content, and Flight Fuel is now one of the fastest growing 'Flavoured Coffee Concentrate Companies' in the world.


The Result

The flavoured concentrate series named after Chris' favourite airports, is proving a popular purchase across the United States and Canada, with all on-the-go coffee lovers.

Just search 'flight fuel coffee' in TikTok to see some of the glowing reviews on this great tasting brew.

We're now looking at different retail options for Flight Fuel, including Airports & Airlines.


New brand social followers in first month.


New Celebrity Coffee Deliveries since Launch including Kris Jenner.


Review Rating so far on Concentrate Products.

Coffee has been a passion of mine for years, so launching Flight Fuel is a dream come true. This brand is over a year in the making, from taste testing to developing the brand identity, and I’m so excited to finally deliver this first-class coffee to the world!”

Chris Olsen

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