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Dungeons & Dragons (commonly abbreviated as D&D or DnD) is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

The game was first published in 1974 byTactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). It has been published by Wizards of the Coast (now a subsidiary of Hasbro) since 1997.

We approached Hasbro in 2022 about licensing D&D for a Coffee Club.


The Collaboration

The idea around the D&D Coffee Club was to create an online accessible brew that would sink perfectly into the general universe of Dungeons & Dragons, and add another level to game playing within the community.

With new chapters within the core D&D brand evolving, such as the movie franchise, and extra media involvement, we believed it was the perfect brand to involve coffee into.


The Result

With a fantastic launch in early 2023, and even more heightened exposure with our film related blends, the D&D community took well to the character influenced blends.

Our main aim now is to get more involved with the event community, and make D&D Coffee a regular on the games table, with the help of activations and our resident Brew Master.


Of Table Top Gaming is D&D

Over 38%

Of players drink coffee during a game.


Increase in D&D players since Movie Launched - Honor Among Thieves.

A favourite of mine and a great team effort to launch the D&D Coffee Club, it’s just the beginning!

Abbie Burrows - Category Manager | Hasbro

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