Future Self Coffee


Alfie's growing passion for great-tasting coffee was the starting platform for Future Self Coffee. Combined with the already growing Future Self community, which provides a space for self-empowerment & improvement.

Working closely with us, he's combined his favourite flavours to create the best-tasting coffee, alongside some of his most-used accessories.

Alfie & Collab Coffee formed a Joint Venture Company in 2022.


The Collaboration

The great thing about this collaboration is Alfie's passion for coffee. A general love and interest for education on coffee processes and exactly what goes into a Future Self Coffee bag, has made unique and great tasting coffee.

Alfie visited our UK roaster, to try and test all of his blends, and see how we package and distribute our coffee.

The success of this collaboration will come down to Future Self, sitting alongside some of the best Speciality Coffee companies in the UK.


The Result

This Joint Venture meant that Alfie and his team could turn his ideas into reality using our Creative, Digital & Marketing teams at full force.

Future Self Coffee has a clear identity, and believe is a brand to watch grow over the foreseeable future.

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